Friday, May 30, 2008

Bubba's Birthday and Beck's last day!

Since Kalan was here we celebrated his 22nd birthday early (it's not until Tuesday) last night at my house. We had ice cream cake and his favorite Dijornos pizza. (I know, I totally spelled that wrong) I can't believe that he's 22, that makes me pretty old now. Or at least feel older now. He's always been the youngest and just a little guy and now he's all grown up and entering the "real world."
Today was Beck's last day of Parent/Tot Spanish class. Although we missed a lot of classes and he didn't always participate he had a lot of fun and got better towards the end of the year. I think that he also won the title as the class bully. He loves glue and scissors and painting. Oh how he loves painting. The blocks with the different colored windows in them are also his favorites. He is always peeking through one and saying, "hi mom." These last pictures are of him receiving his dilpoma from his teacher Maestra Jasmine. Although he doesn't talk a whole lot anyways. He is getting better at repeating what I say. When I hand him a knife and say cuchillo, he mumbles some gibberish like choochaka or something, but at least he is getting the idea. He does pretty well at understanding a few simple phrases in Spanish like "where are your eyes? nose, mouth, ears, hair," and we have been working on knees and toes. He will also go get his shoes when I ask him to in Spanish. I have been trying to speak to him more and more in this second language, but it is hard to keep up with it and I get intimidated easily. I know that he's only 2 and this wasn't really "school" like a school bus and everything, but I am so proud of him and I think that these years are important as he learns how to play in a group and practice sharing and being with these other kids, I know has helped his language skills. Hopefully he catches onto this Spanish thing because I really do feel that it is important and I hope that I can continue in helping him and Paisley to learn as much as they can.


Brit said...

Way to go Beck!!! I am so glad you did something for Kalan's birthday!! I am such a bad sister, Aunt and mom I just remember things tooo late. So thankyou for being such a terrufic person!!!!

melanie said...

I'm cracking up over the knife comment. Do you usually give your 2 yr old a knife, ha ha?!