Thursday, May 29, 2008


I planted a bunch of flowers again yesterday, next to the sidewalk and I can't wait until they get nice and big! I still only have my tomato plants planted for my garden, hopefully I can get the rest done soon, it is already pretty late, but I guess I might as well try! We have been working so hard on the lawn. Stephen will be gone this weekend on a Memorial bike ride for Jacksen, and I have the Kindergarten graduation, so yet again, not much will get done, but hopefully soon! :)
I wanted to post some pics from boating 2 years ago because I can't wait to go boating again! I don't really like the water, but i love to ride in a boat! Paisley has already ridden on a boat in Mexico, but it will still be fun to take her out. And Beck really loves it! Hopefully he won't be as afraid of the water as I am. Ths pic is of my black eye(s) from last year tubing. Let's just say I kept saying "faster" and Stephen obeys what I say. :) haha!
Kalan is up here visiting before he takes off for Seattle for his internship. I am very excited AND scared for him. It's like, "WHAM!" little brother is entering the real world! Good luck to him and I can't wait to hear all about it.

Today Beck, Paisley, and I joined Hanna at her Farm Day for school. She's so cute all growing up and hanging out with her friends at school. She's come a long way since her chubby cheeks when she was a baby. We had to leave early because Paisley was getting hungry and Beck DID NOT want to leave, but I told him that we had to go see "bubba" (Kalan) and he stopped crying and was like, "go Bubba car, me go." haha! Now they are downstairs yelling at each other. :)


Brit said...

Oh how fun!!! It's so good of you to be with Hanna. I can't believe how fast they grow.

Bethany said...

I so clearly remember that boat ride when you got that terrible black eye! That was actually really scary. I can't believe that was almost 2 yrs ago.

Joel and Michelle said...

Ouch! I remember seeing your black eye before! Hey, GREAT idea for the pics of blankets for Ann. I will take my kids' tomorrow and send them to you. Good Job!