Thursday, May 21, 2009

I was way too lazy (after a busy last few days) to put my pics on the computer, but I had to give a shout out to a friend, Bekah. I did that "Pay it Forward" thing a while back where you have to make something homemade and pass it on. Well, I signed up for Bekah's and I got hers a few days ago and if I must say, my sweet Pais is in love! She got a fleece blanket, pink and blue, and made with love from Bekah! THANK-YOU! Pais loves blankets. It is a little heavy for her, she always likes to drag her blankets around, so that I will wrap it around her, but will be perfect for the winter time. I took it to church on Sunday, but we left early because of Pais's rash, so not too many got to see it's cuteness. On another note, Paisley threw up on the way home from a friend's house last night and then Beck threw up this morning, but nothing since. Weird.... I am crossing my fingers and praying that we don't get another sick bug, because I am about done with the sickies! We went and did the whole carnival thing at Spring fest, Beck was an animal on the rides, I will have to post later when I actually get some pictures up.


Kathy said...

I just saw the link you put on your blog for Heather and Kirk, thank you, that makes me get all teary eyes!!!! You and your family are such cuties. Hey, did I see a "For Sale" sign in your yard? What, hey?

Korbi said...

yep, there is a for sale sign. Just seeing if it will sale, want a bigger house (we are greedy) :) with maybe a little land, and now seems to be the time to buy, not the time to sell, but the time to buy! Nothing is concrete, staying in Moses, just seeing what will happen. I pray that Kirk and Heather get a baby!!!! :)