Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Missing his mom, sickies, 1 year stats

Beck woke up on the way home at 3 in the morning when we picked our kids up at my sis-in-law's coming back from Vegas and he rubs his eyes, looks at me and says, "mom, you came back to me." Yes, I about shed a tear. :)

as mentioned in the previous post Pais was taken to the Dr while I was gone and was diagnosed with pink eye and a cold, so I wasn't satisfied and got her in to her Dr yesterday and she has a double ear infection, pink eye, and a sinus infection. Hmmm... glad I took her in. So my little angel is sick! And today we had to go back because she had a her 1 year well child check (yes, 1 month late) Her stats are:
Head circumference: 18.5- 90th %
weight: 18 lbs 4 ounces - 5th %
height: 28.5 - 15th %
she's a little on the small side, but she's surviving. :)
She babbles mama and dada, walks everywhere, likes to climb, loves to point at what she wants, is very into the intricate details of things like buttons and little strings and textures. She loves her baba, but also likes to drink out a sippy like the big kids. But when it comes time for night night or boo boos, the bottle it is. She likes to cry for whatever Beck has and scream bloody murder if he takes something from her.


The Harris Family said...

Poor little girl. I hope she feels better quickly. Also that is so cute Beck missed you so much.

tiff said...

Beck missed you? Did he tell you that? Hummmmm........... I must have missed that conversation....:) Love you