Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures

We have this drawer in the kid's bathroom that has all the Hotel soaps and lotions and shampoos from all the Hotels we have stayed in since we have been married. Paisley found it about a month ago and whenever I can't find her there she is playing in that drawer. I know that I need to move them, but well, as in most things in my life/house right now, I just haven't done it. The other day she got a bottle of the lotion open and it was all up and down the stairs. Silly girl...
As stated previously we went to the buy one get one free wristband for the Carnival on Thursday. Stephen only got to stay with us for a few minutes before he had to head off to a church meeting, but we had a lot of fun with Kortni and her girls, and Brandon. This is what Paisley did the whole time. She was so content in hanging out in her stroller and drinking her baba wand eating snacks.
Yeah, Aunt Kortni thought that Paisley needed some cotton candy.....

Beck enjoyed riding in the fire truck with his cousins Piper and Alizah.His first ride was actually the bumper cars with Hanna driving, he was upset because "that girl drived too fast for me."

He hopped right on this bus and actually went 3 times. I was amazed at how high it went and e was right there smiling and having a good time. It actually got stuck once, but he didn't even notice. I was nervous he was gonna bail out or something, but he just waved at me.This kiddie roller coaster went pretty fast as well, but he hung out right in the middle of Hanna and Nikkia. I think that he kind of has a baby crush on Nikkia. He tried to go on the giant slide, but the guy wouldn't let me walk him up the stairs. So he said he would go. It was really high, so I was worried, but he went anyways. He got about 5 people from the top and freaked out and started crying and tried to make his way back down, I was trying to get the guy to let me go up after him, but he wasn't letting me saying, "I don't see anyone crying." " what are you talking about." I was like, "he's only this tall, of course you can't see him, that's why I need to go get him down!" I was getting frantic, because the guy was like no way, but I could see that Beck couldn't get past the kids and was crying louder and louder screaming for me, so I said, "whatever" and pushed my way past the stinky carnival guy and ran up the stairs for my crying little boy! Argh, was mad, but glad I didn't listen to him. :) After that the only thing Beck wanted was to ride the strawberries again. He had already ridden it 3 times, and I was dizzy from it, it spins as fast as you turn it and the kids always want to spin fast, so we hit that ride one more time and then he was happy. Then we had a melt down because he got a Spiderman blow up toy and changed his mind and wanted a sword, but I told him no. Heaven forbid I tell him no. :) He does this thing now where he wants both things, so he chooses one and then changes his mind a few minutes later after you have already left/bought it. Little boogie. :)Cousins Eric and Ashton stayed the night on Friday night and we went to the lip sing in the park and didn't get home until 10, but it was a lot of fun. Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to Tri-cities for nephew, Daniel's, birthday party at a park that had these water toys as part of the park. It was a lot of fun, with good food, a pinata, and lots of cousins.This is Paisley's shy face. She goes through spurts of whether she wants someone to hold her or play with her. She is kind of a momma's girl. When you go talk to her she will turn her head and lay it on her shoulder and act all shy. Silly thing.After the party we had to race back to Moses Lake to do the kiddie parade and then the Moonlight parade again later that night. Beck marched in the AIM Gymnastics float, which looked great, with a big ol set of bars on it and I helped with kids on and off the float doing gymnastics. Beck and Colin did donkey kicks and tuck jumps as they walked along with the float. They sure are strong little buggers, they walked a long ways! This is Lanie, Colin, Beck, and Piper sitting on the float.
And today is a lazy day. I think that we have physically made ourselves sick from all the running around. And that brings me to the last little bit that we are going to try and sale our house. We have found one we like and made an offer, but it is contingent on whether we sell this house. So over the last week I have been "staging," although it is hard to stage a home that you are still living in. I took down and wrapped in newspaper 101 picture frames, moved out various pieces of furniture and play toys. Beck is convinced that we were throwing away his basketball hoop. poor kid. So our house is a little less crowded and pictureless, it probably looks like a normal house now. :) If we don't sell, no biggie, we like it here, just wanted a little more room. There are a lot of homes for sale with not many selling, so we are not really planning on much changing. Thanks Peter for your muscles.... :)


The Harris Family said...

Cute pictures. I love Paisley's shy look. She is so adorable. Good luck selling your home.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your stairwell is bare!!!!

Good-luck with the sale, I want you to move...hehehe

Lots of adorable pictures.