Monday, May 4, 2009

Vegas Trip

Stephen and I had a lot of fun in Vegas, but I really missed my kids! (Thanks to the wonderful Tiffanni for watching them! and waking up in the night with them, and arguing with Beck about his clothes, and taking Pais to the Dr) Did you know that most of Vegas is a Coca-Cola town? Yeah, I about died, so when we did find the Mountain Dew I gulped it down quickly....Stephen and I got in Tuesday night and walked the strip and just pretty much took in the sights, same thing on Wednesday as the rest of the boys drove all night arriving early in the A.M. on Thursday.
Thursday we drove to Lake Mead in very hot weather.... and took a quick dip in the lake, then headed back to a very weird Criss Angel show. I enjoyed the dancing parts of it and a little of the magic, well I actually liked it, but will admit freely that it was quite weird. :) Friday I opted out on the big long ride and hung by the pool and knitted in the room watching TV, great day if you ask me! But the boys rode out to the desert.... also in very hot weather. :)Saturday was the Hoover Dam and Stephen and I rode onto to ghost town called Oatman, but didn't get to stop because we ran behind schedule. But there were some really great turns on Route 66 that we got to travel on. We hit a poor little squirrel and took off his tail. Poor thing.... yuck!
So on the 14 hour drive back to Washington did we
A) Almost lose a tire
B) run out of gas and have to syphon the bike in the trailer for gas to get us to the next town
C) stop to pee on the side of the road or
D) all of the above
If you answered D you are Correct!!!


Kathy said...

Glad you didn't post a picture of (c). That sound like a blast. I know how you feel about missing the kids, but it is good to get a break!

Monkeys ARDently In Sinc said...

Oh, how fun! Love the pic of you w/your dew, looks like you had a blast, and knowing you guys, I definitely had to pick "d"!
Glad you're back, so maybe I'll whisper to the dew fairy you're

Anonymous said...

Totally jealous...


thats hilarious yet im sure frustrating. Ya'll should always at least stop by when going to Vegas, a potty break a glass of water, and what the hay we haven't seen eachother in like 7 years. Crazy!

Jana said...

I would have liked a picutre of (c). I'm sure you missed the kids but wasn't it great! Sleeping in and no getting up in the night. I'll bet you were one hot motorcycle mama!

Ty Martin said...

You probably passed my house...I live right over route 66.